High voltage Transmission and Distribution
High voltage line construction is a technical process due to the specialized equipment and skills required to deliver such a project. Kaddon Projects has acquired most of its equipment required in the erection of power line towers and stringing of conductors. This has enabled us to complete projects faster and to guarantee excellent quality to our Clients. Kaddon Projects has constructed numerous substations in South Africa. We have successfully completed electrification projects in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Eastern Cape, and currently working out maintenance contracts with City Power Johannesburg. The company has upheld the highest standards of safety and workmanship during and after completion of these projects.

renewable energy
Renewable Energy Projects.
Due to global warming and other pressing environmental issues, renewable energy resources have become critical to the survival of the planet. Solar, wind and water are now the preferred sources of power as opposed to the use of carbon based fuels. Kaddon Projects has formed strategic alliances with companies from Israel and China which supply the company with equipment and technology such as solar panels, solar water heaters and PV systems components. We partnered with several specialists in renewable energy


street lights
Street Lighting
Kaddon Projects are a specialist in the installation and maintenance of street lighting for urban settlements. The company has carried out projects in Johannesburg (City Power), Ekurhuleni, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga (Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality) and other municipalities where it has installed new street lighting. Kaddon Project has acquired critical equipment such as Augers and Cherry pickers required for the installation and maintenance of such projects. This has enabled the company to operate more efficiently and reduce labour based costs


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